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San Diego Sports Authority (SDSA) has become a seller and representative of Belgard factory, Inc. Japan to sell within the United States. Belgard has been manufacturing custom high quality handmade baseball equipment for many leagues including MLB, Professional Japanese, and industrial leagues. With a passion to deliver the best products to suit our athletes we strive to maintain our excellent reputation.

Belgard Fctory Japan

Here you will find why Belgard is a top leader in manufacturing baseball equipment! 
"Belgard  Factory Japan specializes in baseball equipment.
Committed to outstanding performance, the company takes great pride in the quality of its carefully crafted hand-made equipment.
Belguard Factory is dedicated to providing the greatest satisfaction to their customers with their vast array of top of the line products.
They are greatly beloved by many MLB players who send messages of appreciation and gratitude.
We are very pleased and thankful for these wonderful reviews, and proud of the company for creating such superb  and well-loved sporting goods.
We invite you to try the Belguard Factory Japan brand, and experience for yourself the exceptional and superior quality of "Made in Japan" baseball equipment."
by Kazuo Nagai - the President of Belgard Factory Japan

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 *We don't have physical store or any stock in the U.S.
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