AXF Belgard was jointly developed by BELGARD FACTORY JAPAN Inc. and SUNFORD Co., Ltd. and TEIKOKU pharmaceutical company.
AXF is high-performance item that is aimed at fixing the body balance
that is necessary for several activities, and raising the physical and motional functions. AXF×Belgard will enhance your athletic performance. A lot of MLB players have felt the effects.



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We offer full sponsorship for MLB players and 20% off for MiLB and NCAA (D1, 2, and 3) players.

It will take approximately 4-5 weeks to make and additional 1 week to ship.

restriction may apply to the order from outside the USA.

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Slicon Bracelet

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AXF Elbow Guard: $149~ 
AXF Leg Guard with Toe Guard: $149
AXF Leg Guard without Toe Guard: $149
Name Printing: $10~
Number Printing: $4~
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What is "AXF"?

The integrated functional mineral crystal (IFMC) is contained in its fiber, and it works on Endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF)

in blood and promotes the flow of blood by dilating capillaries.

Therefore, the sensitivity of the sensor that detects the information of the condition of the muscle and

distortion of body, such as muscle spindle and tendon spindle which is in the muscle of body, will rise.

These accurate information comes down to central nerve instantly, and the accommodative ability in posture

will also rise. It is considered that this is the reason why the core strength is improved.

The study has just been started by Prof. Takamichi Hirata at Tokyo City University, Department of Medical Engineering.

One of his study already showed that after spraying IFMC solution to a cold-natured woman's top of hand,

it is recognized the increase in body temperature along the blood vessel in about 2 minutes.

As a result of this study, it is seemed that there is a possibility that EDRF is highly involved with this reaction.

AXF makes it possible to dilate capillaries, promote the flow of blood and increase the oxygen supply quantity.

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