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AirFly x AXF axisfirm Belgard Double patented technology Polarized Lens Sports Sunglasses (Limited Quantity)

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AirFly x AXF axisfirm StrongestCollaboration Model

It is a balance conditioner and sports sunglasses without a nose pad adopting double patented technology.

↓Product description in English

■ Frame:Color: Neon Yellow or Carbon
■Lens: Polycarbonate
■ Side pad rubber: Temple rubber: Elastomer
■Side pad core: Titanium
■Temple core: Stainless steel

■Wide view type polarized lens
■Lens Color: Purple Gold Mirror
■Lens Curve: 6 Curve Shield Type
■UV cut rate: 99% or more
■Polarization: 99%
■Visible light transmittance: 20%


Nose stress-free

I realized the best fit as if it were not hanging"Airfly"。 It eliminates tightness to the nasal bone and provides a clear view without a nose pad.

I got hurt when I hit the nose pad, I felt something strange even when trying with a soft nose pad, I could not fit the sports sunglasses by any means. I looked for ways to install it outside the nose. After many prototypes in about two years, the first airfry 2015 was completed.

Side pads, not nose pads

There is no nose pad on the airfly. Airfly is fitted with side pads on the lateral cheekbones. It realizes a sense of surprise with a sense of openness without pressure on the nasal bone.

 Adjustable side pads and temples

Adjustable nose pad which is a symbol of air fly, and temple. Titanium processing technology that Sabae has cultivated over many years has been applied to these cores, and it is flexible and lightweight frame making full use of the characteristics of titanium, and it has the best members that can be adjusted according to the wearer and It is getting.

It is hard to cloud because there is no nose pad.

Since the airfly does not have a nose pad, air from the front flows from the nose to the back of the lens while driving. And, moist air is discharged by sweat. It is not very cloudy and ensures a clear view.

It is hard to shift even if you sweat.

With conventional sunglasses, sweat often accumulates on the nose pads and slips away. However, airfly does not have a nose pad, so there is no worry that the sunglasses will be off because of the sweat on the nose.

For those who have a sore or uncomfortable nose pad

If you have ever felt pain or discomfort with your nose pad with sunglasses, please use airfly. If you don't want to wear sunglasses and stay naked for a long time under sunlight, you will be damaged by ultraviolet rays. Airfly lenses have uv cut rates99%more than. Protect your eyes from UV rays with an airfly.

The Holy Land of GlassesSabaeBorn from

Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, where we are headquartered. The manufacture of spectacle frame in Sabae began in 1905 and exceeded 110 years, it can be said that the history of eyeglasses making in Japan. In the Showa 50's, we succeeded in establishing the world's first eyeglass frame manufacturing technology using titanium (titanium). Titanium which is light weight and excellent in durability spreads to the world as a gentle glasses because it is a material that is optimal for eyeglasses that are robust, lightweight and springy, with low human allergic properties. Currently it produces over 95% of domestic eyeglass frames. Sabae grew as a spectacular place to boast in the world. Airfly was born using this technology and know-how of Sabae.

world5Patented in one country and region

The technology used for AirFly is patented in
5 countries and regions

Sports sunglasses with a structure that does not attach a nose pad to the frame, but wears a side pad instead of attaching a side pad wraps the head, "Air Fly" is the world's first *.* Japanese Patent Registration in April 2013 (Patent Acquirer: Bridge Corporation Limited Miyashita)It is also patent-registered in the US, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and patent applications in the European region, probably the world's first *.

Polycarbonate polarized lenses with excellent strength

The polycarbonate material of the lens was developed for space development in the aerospace industry and is also used in aircraft and bulletproof windows. Of other plastics10It is twice as impact resistant, and its strength isFDAimpact resistance requirements of40more than double. Polycarbonate sunglasses with excellent strength are characterized by their incredible break-resistantness that is not crushable.

Polarized lenseslensOnly excess light is cut without having to increase the color density more than necessary, and the required visible light is transmitted as it is. Moreover, it is a very good lens for maintaining eye health because it can cut light that causes stress and damage to the eyes, such as ultraviolet rays. By cutting natural light (sunlight) and other diffused light (reflected light) with a special filter in the lens, it suppresses the glyness of the water surface and the road surface, ensuring a comfortable view. Perfect lens for baseball, golf, tennis and driving.

IFMC.Adopting patented technology

Teikoku Pharmaceutical's patented technology used by many athletes,IFMC.(Ifmic) was adopted.AXF BelgardThe strongest collaboration with, just wearing these sunglasses is expected to improve balance, stabilize the trunk, and have a recovery effect.



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